“Fostering Peace through Creating, Sharing and Teaching Art.”


Discovering my mission as an artist has been a lifelong journey. The dialogue I have experienced with hundreds of  art viewers, collectors and students over the years has helped me to realize my passion for fostering peace through creating, sharing and teaching art.   

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                                                       More of my story  ~

Pamela WamalaAt 5 years old I started painting with my Grandfather. I am an artist and teacher now largely due to his influence. My creative vision is guided by a delight for connecting to my observations of nature. I express my “painting voice” through interpretations of natural wonder—the mood of the sky, dance of the sea, light on the land.

Travel and daily life fuel my imagination. Color, light and composition capture my attention, beginning each new journey. I appreciate exploring themes more deeply by creating a suite of paintings related to each topic. The materials and mediums I select vary depending upon how I envision the outcome. There are always surprises!

Capturing the feeling of places in nature is a joy for me. If you have a special place you would like me to see through your eyes and interpret in my creative voice, please contact me and we can discuss your vision.

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