“100 Flowers Project: Filbert Steps with Friends”

“100 Flowers Project / Along the Filbert Steps # 87, #88, #89, #90,” 2 1/2 ” sq. each, watercolor & mixed media on various surfaces, © 2017, Wamala

Filbert Steps with Friends

we set out . . .

to find the entrance

to the Filbert Steps –

to scale Telegraph Hill –

to reach the Coit Tower 

to climb to the top –

to see the views.

Kevin Staid, my sweetheart, striking a pose amidst the lush foliage.

we found the Filbert Steps!

an eight block stroll

from Ghiradelli Square,

brimming with history,

cozy homes,

and lush,

loved gardens.

View from the base of Coit Tower, San Francisco, CA.

every step

was worth the trip –

rewarding all

with distant views

and prolific blooms.

the delights were

all along the journey.

Mike & Nancy Wormwood, taking a breather & enjoying the views as we make our way up the Filbert Steps to Coit Tower. 


“100 Flowers Project – Walking with Family”

“100 Flowers Project: # 81, #82, #83, #84,” 2 1/2 ” sq. each, watercolor & mixed media on various surfaces, © 2017, Wamala

It’s a good thing that my family and friends are patient folks!  Everywhere I walk these days I am a little slower than usual. Ever on the lookout for colorful blooms for the “100 Flowers Project.” 

My brother, Steve, and his fiancee, Dawn, recently visited Kevin and I in California.

In this part of the world there seem to always be flowers in bloom.  Both wild and cultivated plants flourish.

Thanks for a fabulous visit Dawn and Steve.  These little paintings are inspired by our day in San Francisco and Half Moon Bay.


Visiting The Interval, our favorite cocktail spot in San Francisco.


Flowers by the Sea with Cindy

“100 Flowers Project: # 69, #70, #71, #72,” 2 1/2 ” sq. each, watercolor & mixed media on various surfaces, © 2017, Wamala

Flowers by the Sea with Cindy

As “The 100 Flowers Project” continues to unfold an interesting pattern is emerging. 

Each little painting reminds me of the special people in my life and the places I am fortunate to enjoy.

The flowers are the muse I am following along this pathway to new adventures.  The 4 florals pictured here are memories of a summer day spent with my friend Cindy Nicholls in her lovely community of Gloucester, MA.

We visited the Henry Davis Sleeper House, Rocky Neck Art Colony and Stacy Boulevard.  I highly recommend each.  Thank you Cindy for a fantastic day together.


Food as Art, the Moroccan Tagine


Jess with Moroccan Tagine / cooking lesson / creating edible art!

Edible Art, the Moroccan Tagine

Jess, my daughter, just returned home after serving as a Peace Corp Volunteer in Morocco.  Thank you for the many ways you make a meaningful difference in our world Jess!

Last night Jess treated me to a cooking lesson and a delicious meal of chicken and vegetable tagine.  The tagine is both the completed meal and the pottery used to cook the ingredients.

The gorgeous colors and textures of the veggies, spices, and pottery (which she carefully packed and brought home in her luggage!) begged to be shared.

The tagine stews, until done, in a low oven.  We had ample time for a game of dominos and some appetizers. 

Leftovers you ask? Sorry, we ate the whole tagine!

Tagine Ingredients



Breathing Room

 “Forest Treasure,” created by nature.

Breathing Room

Slowing life’s pace takes conscious effort.  In my experience, the gift to myself of rejuvenating time with nature is always worth the commitment.

Surrounded by both the grandeur and fragile beauty of the forest last weekend, I let the cares of the world fade briefly.   

Strolling through the forest, finding treasure after treasure, waking to creature sounds, preparing a meal over a wood fire, and precious time with my dear friend, Bonnie, all blended together for a perfect recipe for refreshment. 



Love & Strength

“100 Flowers Project: #77, #78, #79, #80” 2 1/2 ” sq. each, watercolor & mixed media on various surfaces, © 2017, Wamala

Painted this week as an offering of Love and Strength and an addition into the “100 Flowers Project.”

Strength is the word that comes to mind as I ponder what I could possibly offer in the way of comfort to those who have been challenged recently.

Nasturtium (#77), Sweetpea (#78), Gladioli (#79) and Coneflower (#80) each sybolize strength in the world of flower meanings. Painted in red as an offering of love to all who face any manner of adversity.

Love & Strength to you.



On the way to meet Fleur . . .

“100 Flowers Project: #48, #49, #50 & #6,” 2 1/2 ” sq. each, watercolor & mixed media on various surfaces, © 2017, Wamala


I saw these beauties during a recent walk to my friend Fleur’s studio.  After a lovely visit, I returned to my studio to paint.  These 2 1/2” square sweeties are the fruit of that day’s session, except for #6, painted earlier.

Pictured:  4 mini-original paintings, part of the growing garden that create the “100 Flowers Project.”  Each bloom has a story to share.

Would you like to see them in person?   Be in touch & we’ll arrange a studio visit.


Young at Heart

       “Yvonne’s Pomegranate,” 2 1/2 ” sq., watercolor on yupo paper, © 2017, Wamala

Lately I have been contemplating the term “young at heart.”  There are some impressive examples in my family – including my parents, Bob & Donna Tilton, and my grandparents Nana Connie and Grampa Stevens.

Recently I have made a new friend, Yvonne.  We have shared delightful field trips together – to a Japanese Garden, the farmer’s market, the movies.  I have noticed that wherever we are, the conversation sparkles, in large part due to her exuberance for life and her fine and ready sense of humor.

Yvonne recently celebrated her 80th birthday and treated herself to a long imagined pomegranate tree.  The two of them are pictured here.  Happy 80th Birthday Yvonne! 


  Yvonne and Her Beloved Pomegranate Tree                                        – an 80th Birthday gift to herself




100 Flowers Project

“100 Flowers Project,” 2 1/2 ” sq. each, watercolor & mixed media on various surfaces,                               © 2017, Wamala

The 100 Flowers Project came from a desire to increase my knowledge about handling watercolors and mixed media on various surfaces.  Each little painting is just 2 1/2″ square, and is creating a quilt of gem like happiness in my studio.

The florals are a diary of sorts, chronicling the walks I have taken solo or shared with various friends and family during my summer.  

Who knows, maybe I just won’t be able to stop at 100!



Camping & Crafting

“Orange Gerbera Daisy,” 2 1/2 ” sq.”, watercolor & mixed media, © 2017, Wamala

I just stepped in the door from 2 glorious days Camping & Crafting with my dear friend, Bonnie.  She spent time creating her delightful “Minanimals” and I painted some new little pieces for my “100 Flowers Project.”  (more on this new project in later posts).  The one pictured here was a gift to Bonnie and she gave me a sweet pink owl. 

I feel so nourished, head to toe, by Bonnie’s delicious meals, gorgeous guitar playing and singing, taking in the animal sounds and wind through the trees in our beautiful woodsy surroundings – and of course – the time walking, chatting and creating.

An annual tradition is born – Thank You Bonnie!